Race 1 Spring Series 2018/19 - Race Report and Results


Click, Click. Whistle and Squawk.

It's just the way that a dolphin talks.

We call our friends so we can play

In a fun-loving dolphin way. 

                                  - Birdsong (www.birdsongandtheecowonders.com/about-us/#BirdSong)


The new Spring season got underway on a beautiful Sydney day. The punchy westerly wind was a bit stronger than forecast which made everyone pay attention to all the gusts and holes.

We had 7 of our regular starters and welcomed a new boat Megisti, a Seaway 25 skippered by Hugh. We also shared our start zone with a large contingent of dinghies and RIBs conducting match racing training so the initial leg to Bradley's was unusually crowded.

Course 3 was chosen by Charlie so it was a drag race to Manly and back. In fact, some boats only did one gybe up until Shark Island. Later boats hit a knock near Nielson Park and needed some extra tacks. This was also the place where a few of us were graced with a pod of big and healthy dolphins playing on our bows. No matter how many times that happens, I still let myself find it absolutely magic. Sydney Harbour at its best!

After Shark Island it was time to start tacking on the work up to the line. MegistiMegisti Blue, and Breva kept station and finished in that order. Behind them it was all happening with the big blue boats, Blue Sky and Martela powering through Crooz and One Mo' Time. And, yes, our match racing friends were still circulating around, under, and over our finish line so we all had to navigate round that complication again.

Congratulations to Megisti and Hugh on a maiden win. Already this early in the season it looks like it will be very important to turn up to every race. 

You might also notice a remarkable improvement in One-Mo'-Time's start performance. In Spring Race 1 last year they posted the very special start delay time of 26 minutes and 47 seconds. How is that even possible??? Read the report from back then if you want to rake over the sordid coals. Well they have obviously been doing some extra practice as this time they won the start delay stakes with a "close-to-OCS" time of 00:00:00. Outstanding and Astounding.


Winner of Race 1 - Megisti