BPYC Meat Raffle Cash Jackpot of $1,000 was won tonight!

Stuart spent his Powerball money on the BPYC Meat Raffle. Lower winnings, but much better odds, it seems. He chose 7 as his lucky number. You should have been there, it was great!


About the BPYC Meat Raffle

10 meat trays are drawn every Thursday followed by a Cash Jackpot that escalates $100 every week until it is won.

Join us at our "clubroom", the Blue's Point Hotel, from 6.30PM.

First draw of 5 trays at 7.30PM. Second draw of 5 trays at 8.00PM followed by the Jackpot draw. Be there and have a chance of winning!

The BPYC Meat Raffle is very generously supported by the Blues Point Hotel. The cash jackpot is provided by the Hotel.


Winners of the Cash Jackpot

16th August 2018 - $1,000 to Stuart - Lucky number 7

7th June 2018 - $600 to Tracy - Lucky number 7

26th April 2018 - $1,100 to Caroline - Lucky number 3

8th February 2018 - $500 to Joe - Lucky number 9

7th December 2017 - $1,300 to Doug - Lucky number 1

7th September 2017 - $600 to someone