Race 2 Spring Series 2018/19 - Race Report and Results

We were sailing, sailing,

The wind was on our side,

 . . . . . . But then it died.

                                  - "Cabin Fever", Muppet Treasure Island

A rainy day with variable wind was forecast - that was partially accurate. Again we suffered big holes in the wind with it blowing first West, then East, and finally North - with a good 30 minute wait between each one. At least it didn't rain on our diminished fleet of 5 starters.

With no start boat we conducted a radio start - this time from Blue Sky. Thank you, Cap'n Carl, for hosting Chris and his starter's patter. Normally that means all boats are recorded as a 0:01 start however Cap'n Hugh chose Megisti Blue's start time rather than Megisti's and tacked around the start zone for an extra 7 minutes.

Megisti & Megisti Blue proceeded to Lady Bay and politely waited for the rest of the fleet to join them in a whopping great wind hole. Blue Sky and Megisti were the first to dig themselves out and wafted towards Shark Island where our shortened finish line saw them cross in that order.

Excitement further down the order! An oft-spinnakered Breva overhauled Megisti Blue and Martela who were hoping that a whisker-poled out genoa would be enough. Not this time.

However, at the mark Martela accelerated on a reach while Breva called room and gybed inside her to round the mark. It was very, very close and the finishing order was debated back in the clubhouse.

Congratulations to Blue Sky 


blue sky.jpg