Are you interested in becoming a regular or occasional crew member on one of the BPYC yachts?  While most of the yachts have regular crews, there are occasionally spots available at short notice, and there may be opportunities to earn yourself a regular berth.

We race every second or third week, on either a Saturday or a Sunday, depending on the time of year.  Races usually start around midday, are finished by 3pm or 4 pm, and are followed by some refreshments and prize giving at the Blues Point Hotel in McMahons Point.

Please complete the form below, and one of our friendly skippers will get in touch when they have a need.

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Please be honest here - understanding your true experience level will help skippers select the right mix of crew (Beginners are often welcome)
Any background information we should be aware of? (General Availability, how much notice you need etc)
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