Race 7 Autumn Series 2018/19 - Report and Results

Once again the forecast was for around 25 knots from the South at about noon with

expectation that it would lighten off a little as the afternoon progressed. Most skippers

responded to the forecast with appropriate sail plans at the start: reefed mains and some

with smaller headsails. This was just as well because for once the reality matched the


Five yachts started and most started on an uncluttered line. However, SASC were also

sailing one of their multi-fleet, multi-starts form a starting line in Athol Bay. Since it was

blowing a southerly, their first rounding mark was the Navy 2 buoy, at one end of our starting

line. One part of the SASC fleet reached Navy 2 just as One Mo’ Time was starting, and a

second part of the SASC fleet reached Navy 2 just as Martela was starting. Fortunately,

SASC and BPYC boats were both leaving Navy 2 to port, so opportunities for collision were

minimised. Apparently there were also some close encounters somewhere around the

Shark Island area later in the race, but as this observer was not present, no report can be


Course 2 was selected for the day which, unless shortened, is a “twice-round” course. After

the first time around, the crew on Megisti Blue decided by majority that they’d had enough of

this cold and windy day, and a warm clubhouse (pub) was more attractive, so they took that


The winner on the day was Lady Lucille, with Cap’n Joe and crew improving on their third

place in the previous race. No doubt others in the race were pleased that Lady Lucille had

joined the BPYC fleet late in the Autumn Series, as a casual entrant, so second place and

zero points went to Megisti, with One Mo’ Time third (2 points) and Martela fourth (3 points).

With one race to complete in the Autumn Series and the Club Championship, One Mo’ Time

only needs to finish the last race to win the Series. If she fails to do that, Megisti could take

the Autumn Series, provided she wins the last race.

As far as the Club Championship for 2018-19 is concerned, only four points separate the top

three boats, so the Championship will also depend on the last race. There’s at least one

scenario that would lead initially to a tied Club Championship which would be resolved in

accordance with RRS A8. Hold your breath!

Thanks Chris.