Race 6 Autumn Series 2018/19 - Report and Results

The forecast was for 25 knots from the South at about noon, then dropping gradually in the

afternoon, so a vigorous start expected, followed by a nice breeze to take us around what

was likely to be a Manly course. Reality? Around 8 to12 knots from the South at the noon

start which built later to 15 to 20 knots, with patches of not very much wind at all, and gusts.

As predicted, Cap’n Gemma on the starting boat set Course 3. No boats set spinnakers.

One Mo’ Time thought about it, and Cap’n Duncan even went for’ard to break out a new

asymmetric kite, but was persuaded that as they were already making about 7.5 knots, the

potential chaos was unnecessary.

We were delighted to have a new yacht in the fleet, a Huon Pine Snook 27 recently re-

named Lady Lucille. Owner and skipper, Cap’n Joe, has spent many hours returning her to

ship shape condition and we enjoyed watching her set off in scratch position.

Megisti, with a poled-out headsail that she carried most of the way up the first leg, made

good time, and probably pulled back some of the 11 minutes she’d given Lady Lucille at the

start. Megisti’s roundings of Manly West and Manly East were good, but unfortunately she

found herself with too much sail up for the return journey. First mate Sam worked

courageously and was finally able to reef the mainsail, holding on to cope with the heel

caused by the stiff breeze and the swell through the Heads of 1.5 to 2 metres. (This was

only Sam’s third race on Megisti). Cap’n Hugh jocularly suggested the headsail then be

changed also; the crew demurred, believing that the cockpit was a much safer place given

the conditions. Meanwhile, Martela was well prepared and reefed her main between Manly

West and Manly East which gave her a more comfortable ride to Shark Island, passing

Megisti not long before rounding the Shark Island mark. Megisti Blue performed consistently

well as usual and came in second behind One Mo’ Time.

It was OMT’s first win in about 18 months, so there were smiles all round, as well as stories

of hitting over 10 knots as she rode the swells. Congratulations also to Cap’n Joe and crew

for achieving a third in Lady Lucille’s first race with BPYC, and Cap’n Joe’s first race in his recently refurbished yacht.

Thanks Chris.