Race 3 Autumn Series 2018/19 - Report and Results

This was more like it, 8 starters on a glorious fine day with a respectable WSW wind. Really, would you be anywhere else on such a day?

Course 1 was set for the first time in aeons. I think that the last time it was set there was some discussion on mark locations back in the clubhouse. Well, history repeated. Maybe Course 1 will be chosen more often in the future . . . .

This race was also the first time an OCS penalty was signaled in a very long time - if ever? Martela recovered very well from that setback to come in 2nd - Good effort.

The Autumn series is very tight with 3 boats tied for 2nd place and everyone definitely still in contention.

Interestingly, the 5 boats that are contending for the club championship finished in their current series' place order.