Race 2 Autumn Series 2018/19 - Errol Hazelwood Handicap - Report and Results

In 1994, they had their biggest hit, a cover version of The Troggs' single "Love Is All Around", which was used on the soundtrack to the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. Who? No, Wet, Wet, Wet.

It was a day for the true and fine stalwarts with club spirit close to their hearts - not the dissolute barflies with Irish spirit close to hand.

Only 2 boats ventured from the warm bosom of the Blues Point Hotel to race on a very empty harbour. They witnessed our first race in a long while with a start boat. Thank you Gemma and Vida Nova for your valued assistance.

The wind was a gentle Sou’wester but the heavy rain was diminishing it further so a shortened Course 2 was chosen. Megisti led One Mo’ Time home.

So it was a bit of a non-event, but we can’t always have Paradise on Port Jackson, can we?