Race 6 Spring Series 2018/19 - Ladies Day Race - Race Results and Report

VLADIMIR: A—. What are you insinuating? That we've come to the wrong place?

ESTRAGON: He should be here.

VLADIMIR: He didn't say for sure he'd come.

ESTRAGON: And if he doesn't come?

VLADIMIR: We'll come back tomorrow.

Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett, 1955

Mistaken certainty. I’ve done it myself on Course 2. Commiserations to Megisti and Gee Whizz

So, 7 Lady Skippers among the 9 starters was a great turnout. And 5 Lady Skippers among the 6 finishers - excellent! One of them didn’t know she had been promoted until the pre-start but took the news with excellent verve and attitude.

There’s a gap in the math there . . . What else happened? Blue Sky had trouble with unravelling jib sheet sheaths. Not a big thing but enough to dampen the crew’s desire to continue.

A good solid 15-20 knot Nor’Easter gave us all a good workout especially on the 2 works to Lady Bay. How many tacks???

Severe complications on the 1st lap with a large fleet of dinghy classes racing out of Watsons Bay. I had heard talk of Flying 11 Nationals or States, now that I think about it. Anyway, they provided a great impression of a water-borne version of a Rabbit-proof fence and caused some boats to make major diversions from the recommended course.

After that, the shouty 18’s came steaming up from behind. Doesn’t the Harbour get busy? I haven’t even mentioned the Manly Ferries yet, but they only come into play if one decides to stray into their well-worn tracks. Don’t do it, Sue Maree.

In the end. Megisti Blue navigated and sailed very well and was never threatened by the fleet. Congratulations Bob. And Tony offering to wear a frock doesn’t change your 2-point penalty for not having a Lady Skipper.

Martela overtook Breva on the second lap work and earned a deserved 2nd place. As Bernadatte was steering the 1st “Lady” boat over the line, she gets her name on the Trophy. Comhghairdeachas leat, a Bernadette!

Breva completed the podium on what was an exceptional day on the Harbour with a solid, fresh wind and plenty on which to concentrate. How could it be better! If you are observing these reports and not sailing - do yourself a favour - and get on a BPYC boat.