Race 7 Spring Series 2017 - Report and Results

This was the race that was likely to determine the winner of the Spring Series, notwithstanding there’s still Race 8 to come.  With Breva’s Cap’n Paul training his new crew, tying the season lead with Cap’n Jen and her experienced crew on Megisti Blue, every tactical decision mattered.  And if Cap’n Jen thought she only had to worry about Cap’n Paul, she was mistaken.  It was later alleged that First Officer Pete, coaching Cap’n Richard on Sapphire, caused Cap’n Jen to do a 360.  No doubt that will be a topic of jolly discussion somewhere on the high seas when Pete and Jen leave for their circumnavigation.  To be fair, this was not Cap’n Jen’s only problem that day – it seemed that Megisti Blue was just not happy in the conditions.

Meanwhile, Cap’n Duncan was having his own problems.  It seemed a target had been painted on One Mo’ Time because not only did Manly ferries choose to be in the right place at the wrong time (for OMT), but a well-known, large, blue motor cruiser was on a collision course before its skipper decided to hit the brakes and allow OMT to pass.  And then a large, commercial, sailing catamaran, under power only, decided it would come at a collision angle from behind OMT and hold its course regardless.  It eventually cut behind OMT’s stern with only a few metres to spare, its skipper apparently disregarding the danger even when told by OMT to move elsewhere (use your imagination re the phrase actually used).  The cat’s passengers waved happily; OMT did not.

Further down the course, Celete and Breva were having a great race, with the latter in hot pursuit of the former.  Breva did well given its handicap of 12 minutes compared with Celete’s start on scratch, but it was to be Celete’s day with an excellent race sailed by Cap’n Alan to finish just over three minutes ahead of Cap’n Paul.  This was Celete’s first win for the season, and Cap’n Alan’s smile was even bigger than usual.  His first mate, Toby, also clearly enjoyed the win, and the prize-awarders were pleased to find someone worthy enough, and big enough, to fit the very attractive rugby shirt that had been languishing in the prize pool.

The other yacht worthy of mention was Blue Sky (or should that be Blue Streak?) in the hands of Cap’n Carl.  It came in third off a handicap of 33 mins in a race lasting a little over two hours, and only 48 seconds behind Breva – a great effort.

So where has that left the Spring series?  Megisti Blue has to finish 6 points ahead of Breva in the final race in order to win the series. In other scenaria, Megisti Blue also has to keep a close eye on Celete, Blue Sky, Martela, and Sapphire; all of whom could snatch 2nd place at the last gasp. Apart from that, the only certainty is that Crooz and One Mo’ Time won’t have to worry about polishing any silver from this series.